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This scene entire movie was brilliant perfect amazing written by Jesus.

GusOkay. I’ll be the girl and you’ll be you, okay?

Gavin: Okay.

BurnieAww I wanna’ be the girl.

GusNo I wanna’ be the girl, you’re always the girl, I wanna’ be the girl.

MichaelYou were the girl last time Burnie, let Gus be the girl.



Make Me Choose: 
anonymous asked: red team or blue team


"i’m not ignoring you i just don’t know what to say to you" a film written, directed, produced by and starring me


"You’re definitely a fruit of some kind."

with our final breath

we’ll fight to the death

we are soldiers, we are soldiers (x)


school taught me a lot of stuff but mostly it taught me how to get ready in 15 minutes

buying a roosterteeth shirt: yes hi i'd like to pay 19.95 for an inside joke


Ladies and Gentlemen of the Rooster Teeth fandom, come, and feel with me.

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